Railway worker

Execution of transactions prior to departure, escort and drive train.

Shipowner's agent

Alessandro. Paperwoirk management Loading/Unloading Goods
Positive, problem solving


Gianni. Loading/Unloading goods on trucks, paperwork management.

Forklift Operator

Alberto. Goods Movement
Dexterity, attention

Tug Master Driver Ro-Ro

Federico. Container Movement
Competence, dexterity

Quay crane operator

Gianluca, Loading/unloading goods.
Not afraid of heights, good sight

Overhead travelling crane portainer

Manuele, crane operator portainer
not afraid of heights, willingness


Ottavio. Preparation of contracts
Organizational skills

Mooring operator

Francesco. Attaching mooring ropes to the bollards
Willingness, physical shape


Matteo, Control and Prevention
Learning and communication

Shipping agent

Andrea. Managing goods shipping, ancillary operations
Curiosity and problem solving

Customs agent

Stefano. Customs formalities
Curiosity and will to learn 

Stacker operator

Massimiliano. Moving containers Good sight, hearing, cool-headed.


Giorgio. Loading/Unloading goods
Attention, Responsibility